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Custom Prescriptions

Single Herbs – Custom Prescriptions

Shanti Solutions has over 200 single herbs available for you to make a custom herbal tinctures. Follow the steps to create the perfect solution for your patient’s heath needs.

  1. Choose the bottle size – 30 ml (1oz), 60 ml (2oz) and 120 ml (4oz) bottles are available.
  2. List herbs in Pin Yin and their percentage for example Dang Shen 30%, Bai Zhu 30%, Fu Ling 30%, Gan Cao 10% totalling 100%.
  3. If you need a common formula that is not among our Standard Solutions, for example Gui Zhi Tang, Chinese Herbal Medicine – Formulas and Strategies by Bensky and Barolet will be referenced for dosages unless otherwise stated.
  4. Labels for custom formulas will include formula name if applicable, herb list and patient’s name, if desired.

View complete list of single herbs in PDF format. 

Have a favourite herb not listed? We are happy to bring it in for you! Please allow 2 weeks for us to order and prepare the herb for use.

All single herbs are 1:2 or 1:3 concentration.


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