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Shanti Solutions

~Tinctures You Can Trust~


  • Are you a practitioner licensed to sell traditional Chinese medicine herbs?
  • Are you looking for a customizable product to meet all your patients’ needs?
  • Are you looking for effective Chinese herbal medicine prescriptions?
  • Do you have a busy clinic with little time for preparing or sourcing herbal remedies?
  • Do you want herbal tinctures delivered to your door?

Shanti Solutions can help! Shanti Solutions is Vancouver’s only Traditional Chinese Medicine Dispensary providing both standard and custom formulations.  We are dedicated to providing you and your clients with simple and effective traditional Chinese medicine tinctures. To ensure the purest product possible we start with premium grade organic herbs free from pesticides as well as sulphur, chlorine and aluminum phosphate. We are dedicated to good manufacturing practice (GMP) as set out by Health Canada.

Shanti Solutions is also a member of the Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA).

Tinctures: A Powerful Treatment Modality

As research into chemical components of Chinese herbs and their effect on the body increases more people are turning to this healing system which is a whole plant based medicine.  The benefits of using the actual herb root, stem, leaf or flower is that in combination the side effects and toxicity of different herbs can be reduced while the effectiveness enhanced. The whole plant, however will most likely will not be used in a single formula as different plant parts have specific properties which can be extracted for varying therapeutic effects.

If you are new to tinctures as a treatment modality some advantages of Chinese medicine tinctures are:

  • Easy to administer therefore improve patient compliance especially for children and patients with difficulty swallowing.
  • Shanti Solutions’ products are concentrated therefore only small doses are needed for therapeutic effect.
  • Chinese herbal tinctures be taken anywhere as bottles are small and no preparation is required.
  • Our stock of over 200 single herbs makes it easy to create the perfect TCM herbal tincture for your patient


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