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Moxibustion and the Kidneys

Moxibustion and the Kidneys

Moxibustion is a therapy used in traditional Chinese medicine, often in conjunction with acupuncture, however it can be used on it’s own.  Most commonly in clinics the herb ai ye or mugwort is used in a stick form or rolled into small rice size pieces. There are many different ways of performing moxibustion; ai ye can be applied to the top of the acupuncture needle, or on top of herbs such as slices of ginger. In my clinic I typically use a smokeless stick over acupuncture needles or along meridians to warm and tonify the acupuncture points.

Moxibustion has the following effects

1. Warming the body

2. Increasing blood flow

3. Strengthening the effect of acupuncture points

4. Turning breech babies

5. Tonifying or boosting the body’s energy

Through it’s warming effects on the body moxibustion can help reduce swelling and ease joint pain or other types of pain aggravated by cold and damp. It can also aid in the recovery of injuries by promoting blood circulation.

Common conditions treated with moxibustion:

  • joint pain
  • swelling of joints or limbs
  • abdominal cramping
  • digestive disorders
  • low immunity
  • any type of cold condition


The information provided here is for educational purposes only. Always consult a licensed health care professional before adding any therapy, exercise, herb or supplement to your diet or health regime.

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