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Awaken Your Inner Doctor

Awaken Your Inner Doctor

Do you sometimes feel out of balance?

Do you wish you had more energy, better sleep or stronger immune system?

Determining your 5 element constitution can enhance your ability to listen to your body’s cues thereby fostering optimal health create an inner sense of wellbeing. The Awaken Your Inner Doctor workshop will allow you to tune in to signs of imbalance in the body and start you on the path of creating an inner sense of wellbeing.  Dr. Angela Foran and Tedi Martin will lead you through  3.5 hours of self exploration through yoga, 5 elements in Chinese medicine and personalized herbal tea crafting.

In the Awaken Your Inner Doctor Workshop you will

  • learn about Chinese medicine 5 elements and how it applies to health
  • flow in a discovery yoga class lead by the lovely Tedi Martin
  • determine your element through a questionnaire
  • play with herbs at our herb bar
  • create your own custom herb tea blend to take home
  • take home herbal tips and recipes for each element
  • sample tasty snacks and herbal tea blends

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