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Practitioner Testimonials

Colleen Robinson

Crimson Door Healing

"Angela and Shanti Solutions have been fantastic. I get custom products, excellent herb quality, and she keeps evolving the business to make it easier for clients to get what they need, when they need it. Given my crazy schedule, that makes things easier for me, which is important. She's ridiculously easy to work with, and continues to improve her products and availability. I use them for my family and friends as well, and they've travelled across Canada and to at least a half a dozen other countries - including China - with clients who don't want to be without these specific tinctures, even when there is an abundance of choice. I think that tells you something about how great they are."

Doreen Hill

Registered Acupuncturist

"Angela is very personable and professional.  She has vast knowledge about  the herbs and in making quality tinctures.  I would recommend her to other Registered Acupuncturists wanting to use tinctures in their practice."

Martha Colorado

ArteSana Acupuncture

"Shanti Solutions have been an excellent alternative for my patients, many of them prefer tinctures to powder, tablets or raw herbs. According with my experience and observation tinctures are easy to use, and in few days my patients feel the great effect of TCM formulas.  
I want also to point out the excellent quality of the tinctures and customer service offered by Shanti Solutions and Angela Foran as owner."

Peter Wood

Wood Way Acupuncture

"When I heard that a local practitioner was making both traditional and custom formulas in tincture form from scratch, I was excited to make use of the service.  With a quick turnaround from order to delivery, more than reasonable pricing, and high quality of product, my patients and I are very happy with what Shanti Solutions has provided for my practice."

David Dennis


"I have recently incorporated the use of tinctures provided by Shanti Solutions. While I'm new to practice and haven't had much experience as far as the tinctures themselves, I can definitely say that that provided service is far beyond my expectations. While I do not have much feedback yet in the uses for the tinctures by Shanti Solutions, I have no doubt that the care taken to develop the tinctures is parallel to the service that is provided."

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