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A commonly asked question is "Can acupuncture treat anxiety or acne or asthma?"  Basically fill in the blank with any condition and my answer will be....yes!  Not because I have some magically healing powers, but because Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a system.  Symptoms are analyzed and grouped to form a pattern and it is the pattern which we treat.  The National Health Services (NIH) and the World Health Organization (WHO) both recognize acupuncture can benefit certain conditions, some of which are listed below.  By addressing the presenting pattern and ideally the underlying constitution of the patient we are able to help many people with varying health concerns.  TCM is particularly adept at treating vague conditions where all biomedical tests show good health as we are interested in the subjective feelings of the patient as well as our observation and tongue and pulse diagnosis. 




STRESS                                        NAUSEA                           ASTHMA                            TMJ

ANXIETY                                     VOMITING                      ALLERGIES                       PMS

DEPRESSION                             GASTRITIS                      COLDS/FLU                      MENOPAUSE

INSOMNIA                                  DIARRHEA                      RHINITIS                           INFERTILITY

ADDICTIONS                              CONSTIPATION            HEADACHES                    MENSTRUAL DISORDERS

SMOKING                                     IBS                                    NERVE PAIN                    INCONTINENCE

FATIGUE                                      CROHN'S                          JOINT PAIN                    UTI'S

DIZZINESS                                   COLITIS                           MIGRAINES                     FIBROMYALGIA

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