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Patient Testimonials


"I really trust Angela's knowledge as a practitioner, and I especially enjoy the results.  Whenever I hear anybody talking about a condition that needs a boost towards health I always tell them about acupuncture and highly recommend her."

~ Ian

"I have to admit that I don’t truly understand how acupuncture  works but after 10 years of relying only on western medicine I am very fortunate to have a relationship with Dr. Foran. This relationship is based on a blend of western medicine and treatments as well acupuncture and occasionally tinctures. I have several chronic inflammatory conditions and Dr. Foran hasn’t cured them but certainly helps me with all of the symptoms from these conditions. I started off thinking that acupuncture was an alternative treatment but now view both my western treatments and medications as well as my acupuncture as complimentary, both equal."

~M. Wilson

"Several years ago I was dealing  with chronic  gastric problems.  I was frustrated and tired of masking my symptoms during flare-ups with pharmaceuticals.  My  partner suggested  acupuncture. After a very thorough initial assessment  I was referred to Dr. Angela  Foran.   I am happy to say  that with regular  monitoring my  symptoms  have  ceased.   I love her easy, approachable manner and  her mindfulness . During each visit  she takes the time to  check in  with  me  to see how  I’m  feeling and how I’ve been coping  since my last visit.  I feel  fortunate to have Dr. Foran as my practitioner."


"Words are not adequate for me to describe what Angela does for me; her patience, her enormous efforts, the 'magic herbs' and of course her fabulous acupuncture treatments! What she has accomplished has been a miracle!" 

~ Sonia

“Dr. Foran has truly made a profound difference in my overall health and wellbeing through acupuncture and Chinese herb remedies. The positive affect that her acupuncture treatments and remedies have had on a number of health issues that I’ve experienced over the years has been exceptional and has truly improved my level of energy and quality of life. She has particularly assisted me with my food allergies and related digestive issues, seasonal allergies and stress levels. Not only are her treatments effective, but her gentle, empathetic manner along with her breadth and depth of knowledge make you feel reassured that you are in great hands. Thank you Dr. Foran!”

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